Mergers and Acquisitions

In the experience of our clients understanding where you are and where you should go or measurement is the largest single obstacle to success when involved in a merger, acquisition or new product introduction.  This measurement challenge may be addressed in many ways though these three topics are usually top of mind:
  1. Product and Content Value
  2. Customer Behaviours and Demand
  3. Community Alignment, Exchanges and Ideas 

Alignment requires a flexible way to accommodate multiple perspectives, and successful alignment requires speed.



One way we describe alignment is by using a Teeter-Totter analogy where one side represents the capacity to deliver products or CAPACITY and the other side represents customer DEMAND.   When demand is high the teeter-totter goes to the ground or overwhelms the capacity to deliver the products demanded and when product capacity or inventories are too high the product side of the teeter-totter is on the ground and the customers are overwhelmed by over supply.  

Tactical business intelligence for Mergers, Acquisitions or New Product Introductions is effective only if it helps align the capacity to deliver with the customer demand. 

Value of Perspectives

Value of Perspectives

These are some of the perspectives that we support:

IT Perspectives

  • Application Migration or Upgrades
  • Reports and Analysis Backlogs

Business Perspectives

  • Merger & Acquisition Activity that requires changing a business model
  • New Product Introduction that requires changing how to measure performance

Tactical Business Intelligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

New Product introductions, Mergers and Acquisitions require bursts of innovation to align Capacity and Demand to successfully serve new and constantly changing customer behaviours and requirements.

SpeedSynch is a cross-application and cross-channel content BRIDGE and a FLYWHEEL that converts perspectives of numbers and stories to high value innovation bursts to facilitate Product and Customer value alignment.

We exploit CRM, Predictive Analytics, Idea Markets, and Neuropersona platforms for New Product introductions, Mergers and Acquisitions.

The best part of our unique approach is that it can be deployed before starting the hard work of a Merger or Acquisition and you don’t have to wait to replace or adapt multiple IT systems.  New product introductions offer similar challenges and the SpeedSynch BRIDGE+FLYWHEEL value bursts are brilliantly effective when put in place before the new product introduction to facilitate critical changes in the first three months of an introduction.


We can bridge data and KPIs in virtually all of our customer solution deployments and at a financial services company this was done by overlaying ADP data streams onto sales, CRM and other transactional data streams to create unique value.

SpeedSynch BRIDGE+FLYWHEEL Innovation Burst

SpeedSynch BRIDGE+FLYWHEEL Innovation Burst

BRIDGE Overlays Cross-Application or Cross-Channel Data and KPIs

1. Cross-Channel or Cross-Application Analytics Bridge

  • net-zero investment as we strip reporting costs from any transactional application
  • we deliver context to leverage application value or leverage prior application investments

2.  Market or Business FLYWHEEL 

  • New Product Introductions or Mergers & Acquisitions or Catastrophic Market Event
  • help client adapt brilliantly fast to market change with Innovation bursts

SpeedSynch allows the business to see data from their own perspective, either internally or externally. 

In Mining success is typically driven by the opportunity in the ground and assessed with a business case that typically includes a forecast of mining capacity and expected yields

 The SpeedSynch platform may be deployed to deliver multiple perspectives of capacity, yields, production costs and supports the management of variances and money flows. 

Scenario Analysis creates opportunities to leverage SpeedSynch in mining and provides insight to commodity pricing, inventories, and market health to help create a plan before the variances get out of hand instead of waiting for the financial systems to provide insight.  When the numbers hit the ledger it is too late to adjust.

We can quickly illustrate how SpeedSynch delivers value to Commodity Traders, Marketers, Operations or Production executives.

Alignment of CAPACITY and DEMAND creates value for our clients after we deploy SpeedSynch.


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