Speed Dating for Products and Customers

SpeedSynch is ‘speed dating’ for PRODUCTS to CUSTOMERS.

SpeedSynch and Stories
We identify stories that sellers wrap around products, almost like clothes, as they send them to market.
–See Neuropersona Avatar image
We identify Customer behaviours or Neuropersona Mask to determine what people want or ideas of what they need.
–See Neuropersona Mask image
Communities and Ideas 
The first thing that happens when a community forms is the organic and natural exchange of ideas.
Communities like Second Life are a game where people can exchange Ideas.
People in Second Life are both an Avatar/Product and Neurpersona/Customer.
Games help us understand how people change their behaviours which is like changing Neuropersona Masks.
In a game if you change the situation it is like changing a Product and waiting to see how the Customer reacts.
Once we understand reactions then we can ‘dress’ the Product properly for that Customer behaviour or Neuropersona.
Then we set up a ‘speed date’ or web site test or focus group or survey with real Customers to test.
SpeedSynch and Numbers
SpeedSynch software helps a company what happend from multiple perspectives and shows how Customers interacted with your company and Products by measuring activity in factory, warehouse, store, web site, call centre.
SpeedSynch and Predictive Analytics
Once we know what happend with our Products and Customers we look at the behaviours important to our Customers and then ‘predict’ how and where we can help them.  
Next we change our Products to help Customers or change our Customers to sell our Products better, faster, cheaper.
SpeedSynch is Speed Dating for Products and Customers

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