WebCEO Announcement

We work hard at making things look simple and the WebCEO and Virtual Mechanics partnership announcement helps us as we use Virtual Mechanic’s SiteSpinner product.

Recently we tested Market Samurai for to optimize for Google’s SEO Caffeine Mayday update but found the interface and workflow a little awkward.  SiteSpinner is a neat product, mature and works well.  Hopefully they can integrate well with the WebCEO product suite and accomodate our .mobi and mobile Search objectives.

Currently Yahoo appears to lead in mobile search, according to our measures and BING appears to have the simplest and most flexible process that fits our measures of success in serving our customers, analysts and SEO focused people.

We will keep you posted on our findings and how our ability to map multiple sites, web and social media, is facilitated by this combination paired to our SpeedSynch product.

Here is a map of the www.virtualmechanics.com as an illustration;


Nick www.speedsynch.com www.transMediaSEO.com www.neuropersona.com www.scenario2.com

Virtual Mechanics SpeedSynch TransMediaSEO Map


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