ROI of No Social Media

Euan Semple recently caused a titter on his blog when he posted a simple missive about the ROI of not employing Social Media.

It appears that the two main thems of the post, Social Media and ROI may be sensitive topics and worth further exploration as they are invariably intertwined in the business landscape today.  Let’s start with the more clinical topic, ROI. 

ROI assumptions determine its calculation and what is measured, who measures, when or where and how often measures occur which is important if you consider that perspectives and viewpoints are tightly controlled in command and control organizations and thus the mistrust of Social Media.

What does this have to do with ROI?

Corporations in the 1990’s believed that ‘sticky’ websites maximized profits and today they operate as if sticky Social Media sites do the same and so much so that Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook among many others quickly create homogeneous micro-climates to appear like a neutral pitch to accomodate this self-conditioned myth.

ROI for the application software vendors disguised as communities is keeping people close so as to deliver ads and this perspective is easily experienced by quickly moving among their software interfaces or communities.

ROI for visitors is finding someone or some content to help refine a question or find an answer and indeed both simultaneously while Social Media sites view ROI differently.  Ideally there is a balance to benefit vendors and people that use their interfaces where visitors create their own content to ask and answer their own questions.

The stories behind ROI motivated me to start ‘Social Media and Web ROI on LinkedIN.



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