SpeedSynch Map of Blogher Post

The previous Blogher post was created to test the SpeedSynch Social Media and Web ROI tool and specifically illustrate the ability to create quick high value content.

Now we illustrate the ability to validate that the content created is SEO friendly or specifically can be understood from the perspectives of Search Engine spider and people alike.  Below you will see the map of the blog and note that it doesn’t show a keyword theme pattern to link it back to the author.  Another way to describe this is signature.   What is a signature?

Unless search engine spiders can easily look at content and then infer other connected content on the web or in social media sites we have lost a considerable opportunity.   Look at the map below and in our next post we will adjust the keyword themes of the content so that the signature identifies SpeedSynch, Social Media and Web ROI.

Cllick on map below and click again to enlarge.

A SpeedSynch keyword theme map of the BlogHer_SpeedSynch_blog

Mapping blog themes with SpeedSynch highlights value


Nick www.speedsynch.com


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