Cooler Internet Marketing Software:

Cooler Internet Marketing Software:

Social Media is a sheep in a wolf’s hide and while social media sites are almost collectively represented as supporting communities they appear to be ‘exit’ strategies for founders who want to cash in an walk out–essentially they are software though appears to be one of the few that are the real deal.

 Lets talk a virtual walking tour of and create a SpeedSynch S5map — see below — which have been designed for people who need a wider view of people, stories, spaces and places.

More about walking tours @speedSynch and

At, you will find the best conversations led by women in social media.

BlogHers team works hard to bring you the best and brightest conversations, writers and speakers online and in person.

BlogHer Conferences, the world’s largest conference for women in social media BlogHer Publishing Network, with 2,500 blogs one of the largest and highest quality publishing networks of blogs authored by women BlogHer.Com.  The Web’s leading guide to the hottest news and trends among women in social media, renowned as a community where women speak their minds on every topic from politics to parenting in an atmosphere of integrity and respect BlogHer is run by its three co-founders and a team of 40+ employees via offices in New York and Silicon Valley.

As reading habits change, BlogHer recognizes readers want to connect with the writers who deliver their news, commentary and entertainment..

You will find writers responding both in the comments on their own posts and in discussions using other social media and furthering the conversation long after their posts go live on

BlogHers members are able to engage at this level for a few reasons: BlogHer’s community guidelines demand all participants will remain civil and respectful at all times.

BlogHer doesn’t discriminate against or censor diverse viewpoints…. Writers and commentators understand that civil disagreement is the only way to disagree at BlogHer…

Want to share what you are up to?  See BlogHer Chatter to push your conversation out to your Twitter or Facebook accounts…

Want to see the value of where you go?  See

SpeedSynch keyword SEO theme map of Blogher

Blogher SEO keyword theme via SpeedSynch S5map


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