The SpeedSynch Map of SynchMedia Blogs proves people are better.

People Powered Blogs are Better than Paying Search Engines

The success of Twitter and Flickr has proven that people can blog and get their message across without paying search engines and this inspired us to build SpeedSynch.  After three years of trail and error we found that we could mine keyword themes in product, social media and web site content.  Then we discovered the obvious, search engines used keyword phrases — we call them themes — to sell their services.  If you bought the right keyword phrase you would profit highly.  Search engines also allowed ‘organic search’ which meant that you waited patiently until the search engine spiders indexed your blog or web content and then you had to find some way to stand out.  Eventually people got tired of waiting and hired a SEO or search engine opotimization expert and then things really got competitive when folks realized they could make huge profits by stepping between searchers and Google, Amazon and Ebay to sell directly to people looking for a product or service.

People Now Influence Search Engines

A couple of years ago search engines were starting to be influenced by vast amounts of user generated content and people building backlinks which motivate people to build more content faster when they realized that a few hundred posts could make you a star or a lot of money.  The Faceboook, Twitter and LinkedIN really took off.

Th Social Media sites now generate more content than can be understood by search engines and for those who are looking for the next tool in internet marketing, tightly integrated micro sites is a blogger innovation that you must learn about.

People influence search engines by using keyword themes in blogs and product content to shape blog posts to boost page rank, the quality of links and backlinks and connect multiple blog posts for search engine visibility.

SpeedSynch speeds up the process of finding the keyword phrases for you to use for your internet marketing and please note that the example below has a subtle twist in that I specifically selected a company with a similar brand name so our combined and re-combined content would influence search engines and the domain name beggars who use parts my speedsynch name to create content to boost their own search engine ranking.  Search engine ranking is very competitive sport.

  • 1. Check SpeedSynch on Google and found potential ‘brand’ partner — SynchMedia web site, blog and Twitter.
  • 2. Go to SynchMedia Twitter site
  • 3. Go to SynchMedia web and blog site
  • 4. Go to SynchMedia partner site Think Famous
  • 5. Use SpeedSynch to create keyword theme relationship maps
  • 6. Assess SynchMedia keyword relationship map
  • 7. Review SynchMedia keyword weights and partner influence
  • 8. Review SynchMedia maps of Twitter keyword hierarchy, relationships and weights
Keyword Theme Map of SynchMedia for blog rank, link and backlink quality--by SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Software

SynchMedia keyword theme maps -- website, Twitter by SpeedSynch for blog posts and backlink quality.

Questions about SpeedSynch maps and how keyword themes self-adjust to keyword phrases used by searchers or how keyword phrases impact SEO and search engines may be directed to;

Nick Trendov


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