Will TV and Radio Dominate Google?

Can TV and Radio dominate Google?

Look carefully at the links the search engines offer you while you search and you may see something unusual.  Many of the SERP or search engine result page links connect you to small entrepreneurs or large brokers that stand between you and manufacturers of the products or services you need.  These folks have invested in web pages and their content has been assessed and ranked highly, often in the top ten search results,  by search engine spiders.

Two Internet Marketing Myths

So now someone new stands between you and the provider of the product or service that you need.  Wasn’t the internet supposed to remove middlemen and save us time and money?  One myth down, one to go — the big one.

Google or rather the search engines are slowly beginning to lose their domination of commerce and influence over business just as business is desperately climbing aboard the fast moving bandwagon called social media.  If this seems silly consider that early in 2009 more people went to social media for trusted content than to corporate web sites.  Big business noticed the trend early in 2010 and corporate recruiters started desperately seeking social or digital media directors as search engines couldn’t easily penetrate the new social media islands.  Stock markets and investors value visibility and the search engines couldn’t guarantee it.

But is the shift to social media the beginning of the end of search engine dominance?

Yes, and it is only a question of time.  The shift to social media gives people the technology and unprecedented ability to create content faster than the search engine spiders can evaluate.  Even high powered computers and complex algorithms can’t help search engine spiders differentiate between valuable or useless content and this is painfully obvious by the importance given to a simple act of typing or blogging on web page ranking.  Blog links directly influence search engine results.

Blogs, Backlinks and Rank

Blogs are a significant force in helping people navigate the internet and their content is used by Google, Yahoo, BING or other search engine spiders to determine the affinity of website content to keyword phrases typed by searchers as they look for products, services or content.   *Note:  Micro web or blog sites show great potential to help searchers find what they need faster.

Search engines are taxi cabs of the internet and we pay them directly or indirectly to take us to our preferred destination.  Even taxi cabs need maps and keyword maps of web site content describe to searchers what they will find when they arrive at a web site.  The search engines work hard to discourage keyword mis-use and attempt to avoid sending people to web sites where the products, services or content  appear to be unrelated the keywords used to initate a search.  While this sounds simple, it is not an easy task. 

In a strange twist the social media trends that popularized blogging have allowed search engine designers to assume that searchers will blog about positive search experiences and link back from their blog post to the web site that satisifed their search objective.  Currently higher quantity and quality backlinks virtually guarantee higher SERP or search engine results page rank and profits. 

Top Two Ways to Dominate Google

In my observation search engines may be influenced and here are two ways I’ve noticed though there may be others;

Highly focused micro sites with inter-locked keyword themes can rank very highly on Google and are quickly built by understanding keyword themes created by analyzing products, web or social media sites and customer perspectives or behaviours.

The SpeedSynch map below was created by mapping internal backlinks and highlights keyword themes on the Viper Chill blog site.

The Blog, Rank and Dominate Google theme of this post was inspired by Viper Chill  map below where ‘rank’ is low on the theme list and link building, backlinks and quality back links are  all above. 

Why use Rank in our blog title?  SEO professionals create banklinks to improve their rank and while they might type ‘backlinks’  as part of a keyword phrase into a search engine, ranking highly is their objective.  This is some of the art in SEO and aligning products, content and user perspectives for internet marketing campaigns.

Blog, Rank and Dominate Google is made possible by mapping keyword themes to lift rank with backlinks and buzz oriented content

SpeedSynch Competitive SEO Analysis of keyword themes used for Blogs, Backlink building and buzz oriented content creation that ranks high in Google

Linking Internet Marketing to Radio, Television and Print

Internet marketers sometimes forget that radio, television and print can effectively support direct marketing, advertising and internet marketing and Keyword themes allow us to bridge physical and digital worlds simply, quickly and cost effectively. 

Unlike recent trends in the internet or social media most magazines, television shows and radio programs can’t afford to keyword stuff or repeat product associated words constantly.  Indeed keyword stuffing on the internet manages to hijack people to a page that doesn’t offer them what they want and it is very difficult for Google or other engines to stop or even discourage this behaviour.  Google’s CAFFEINE algorithm is one attempt and the smart SEO professionals are starting to build better content, the others more backlinks and now Google is pushing very hard for their partners to create more video and include video site maps. 

Google is looking to displace the television networks just as their content is starting to look good again.

The Next Media War:  Keywords, Radio and Audio

The search engines have won the battle of text but ‘old’ media networks have a good shot at winning the war over radio and audio because Google can’t re-record or add to a branded product.  While search engines can help you find almost anything by using text, they have a very hard time navigating audio which provides an opportunity to TV and radio producers.  Even if magically that problem was solved tomorrow, the ability to navigate audio content would not permit search engine users to modify TV shows like Iron Chef America or Holmes on Homes or create a commentaries that would air as an integral part of the original TVshow.  The new content creation available is severly limited by branding.

Keywords add value to Radio, TV and Video. 

We are currently working with video and audio files to map words and keyword themes just as we do with our SpeedSynch internet marketing software in the ‘Blog, Rank and Dominate Google’ map above.  By understanding where keyword themes are in a TV show, a video or radio show we can take you into a specific part of a two hour movie so you can see or hear what you need without wasting time just as the search engines do for text.

Opportunities or Opninions?

The decline of the search engines has already started though the interesting thing is that the media corporations don’t appear to notice the opportunities on the horizon.  Until then it is our observations that form our opinions in this blog post and we look forward to your feedback–opinions can be changed.  Opportunities are a little harder to find.





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