Blogger Beware the Copyright Troll


Threat Level shows an entrepreneurial lawyer buying copyrights and profiting by suing rights abusers, though I know that Social Media blogers and SEO professionals may not need to fear copyright trolls and can generate content that is better, faster and cooler.


In the old days, before search engines, content was king and abuses led to the creation of copyright laws.  Today the internet, social media and search engines have crowned a new king, context.


Google or BING any product name and you will see the Blog content links overwhelm search engine spiders and easily ranks above the miniscule content on corporate websites and the need to feed the blogs content constantly may be the motivation of the copyright troll though I believe it it a still born profession because of the ability to create context value quickly and effectively.

Look at the SpeedSynch keyword phrase map of the Wired article below:

SpeedSynch keyword phrase competitive analysis of the Wired Threat Level article

Keyword phrases and relationships of Wired's Threat Level article about a Copyright Troll in the USA

The keyword theme map above is a derivative of a derivative work that was only partially inspired by the Wired artilce.


In my analysis of Adobe’s acquisition of DAY software I look at how bloggers or rather the site owners that hold blogs can make considerable amounts of money.  Indeed some of the fastest and most innovative work on the internet is being done with micro sites that are ‘echo chambers’ that attract search engine spiders and the attention of the searchers that they serve.

Adobe’s acquisition of DAY creates a corporate content factory which can be sold to global business who lack the resources or creativity to compete with social media bloggers.  Another form of ‘mutually assured destruction’ with content rather than bombs.

So why the Copyright Troll?  We already know Social Media blogs overwhelm search engine spiders and thousands of entrepreneurs, a new intermediary class,  swiftly and deftly step between manufacturers of drills, hepa filters or other products and internet giants like Amazon, Ebay and Google.  They don’t need to rip off data and can easily offer context to create wayfinding value quickly and simply.


Bloggers,  SEO professionals and link builders will immediately see the contextual value of  the map created by SpeedSynch internet marketing software.  All they have to do now is to create 300 word unique blog posts and place them everywhere, just like the newspapers do but don’t need copyrights and are unencumbered by revenue sharing deals, and this is simple and legal.


Once other social media site visitors see the unique 300 page articles they blog about them and link to them.  On Twitter it is a re-Tweet and on LinkedIN it is a backlink in a ANSWER or group or share–the possibilities are endless.  In a micro sites or WordPress blogs the keywords in the SpeedSynch map above are used for pages categories, navigation button links and blog keyword tags.

All of this naturally attracts the attention of search engine spiders how follow all of the back links to the unique 300 page article and people that type those keywords into Google or BING find the article too, and very fast.

There is no need to fear the Copyright Troll, Social Media has already made him unneccessary as it is easier and more profitable to behave and exploit the business models that place too much value on search engines and copyright.




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