New rules for Blogs, Links and Backlinks

If you want your blogs, links and backlinks to boost your search engine rank you must learn about the new rules of semantic search.

A simple example is illustrated by the answer I posted  today in LinkedIN Answers:

Lee I read this as “what kind of books do you read?”, either way it’s the best question I’ve seen in LinkedIN, brilliant!

It inspired this long blog post on Semantic SEO and here is why–

I don’t read books, I look for stories and taking this perspective has affected how I read and which books read me.

Stories are both converyors of content and markers to help you find what you look for in conversations or books and you won’t go wrong if two of the ways you define stories are containers and maps.

One of the reasons I don’t read books is that the stories inside books provide richer persectives if you can find them and combine them to your benefit rather than how, when and where they were offered by the publisher.

Books on the other hand are Guttenberg’s version of the video game and while they do more, two of the ways I look at books are books as addictions and books as self-conditioning tools.

Another reason that I don’t read books is that the stories in them transport other stories that benefit the publisher, editor, author or their patron. Reading the stories allows me to learn about conditioning and self-conditioning.

In my experience most books read people as people purchase books that have an affinity with their current or future interests or the opportunities and challenges that they may face. The book, whether paper or ebook provides richer perspectives and helps them find questions and refine answers. Just like Google or LinkedIN answers.

Great question and I thought that I would offer a semantic map of this post and the thread for your viewing pleasure!

See the Semantic map of this answer and the original answer to see the value of semantic tuning–

Semantic SEO map comparing two LinkedIN Answers and semantic differences

How small changes affects semantic meaning to search engine spiders



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