Link Thieves are choking your brand value.

Your brand value is being throttled back by bloggers who build content with variations of your brand content and here is how to identify it so that you can take immediate action.

  1. Search on your brand or product
  2. Check every link on the search engine results page or SERP to see whose link was offered
  3. Look for any sites that are not your own, Wikipedia, Amazon or legitimate association or direcctory sites

When you find the sites that have been positioned above your brand or product you will probably find link thieves and here is what they look like for SpeedSynch.

* Click to enlarge, twice if necessary or use your browser zoom control…

Link theives use your brand or product content to rank above you in search engine results

Your Brand Value is being strangled by Link Thieves

We create unique semantic SEO report maps with our SpeedSynch internet marketing software that allows us to drop link thieves as the search engines shift quickly to semantic algorithms.  In this case it is highly unlikely that anyone searching for SEO reports or semantic consulting services or internet marketing software with semantics will also search for a camera.

Indeed the old school SEO myth that this type of link ‘stealing’ is useful no longer applies and the link thieves permitted me a simple way to illustrate what few people realize–their brand and product value has been choked back by link thieves and Semantic SEO is the way to go.  Google and BING both think so too.




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