Twitter’s Competitive Analysis Edge and Facebook’s Advertising Failure

Twitter’s future appears bright indeed because of 140 character stories broadcast worldwide on mobile phones though in sharp contrast the future of Facebook is very uncertain.  Facebook appears to have a difficult time competing with it’s own community members in web advertising as it promotes a new business model in an attempt to stake a claim as an effective advertising platform.

Let’s start with Twitter’s amazing value and unique ability to align content to people and stories internationally across social media and web sites in multiple languages.  The immediacy of Twitter is insurmountable and highlighted in a short WordPress post that uncovers millions of Brazilian posts about Sylvester Stallone’s new move, Expendibles.

Stallone crushes Google ランボー押しつぶす Google Rambo esmaga Google Stunning example of SEO competitive analytics 1:38 PM Jul 25th via web

The huge wave of tweets in response to Stallone’s Expendibles is social media advertising on an unprecendented scale and creates significantly more value than the popular alternative of purchasing a few Google adwords or maybe all of Facebook’s current advertising.  The Brazilian tweets shouted loudly across the world and while here they seem ‘negative’ the publicity they generated helps Stallone fight to position Expendibles in a highly competitive market currently dominated by DiCaprio’s INCEPTION and Angela Jolie’s SALT.  No easy task though it seems that the tidal wave of Brazilian tweets predict a bright future.

Semantic SEO Predicts your Future

140 characters in your Twitter feeds can tell me what , when and maybe even why you or your company will do.   If this sounds unrealistic have a look at this is a Semantic SEO report of our Twitter feed which we use to deliver content to educate our current and future customers. 

Social Media and Competitive Analysis

Social media sites by their nature must change quickly to accomodate and serve their customers.  Web sites on the other had change very slowly in comparison.  They are tightly controlled effective, efficient and usually have a higher quality standard than social media sites, which is why since early 2009 content creation, searches and business models have moved towards social media.

Competitive Analysis and Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is not possible without competitive analysis as customers have too many options available.  They find content virtually anywhere and can buy from just as many suppliers.  Indeed if you Google any product or service the manufacturer or licensed reseller is often not on the first SERP or search engine results page.

Competitive analysis is the art of finding where you are compared to your competitors on Google and measuring the distance of your story from your current or future customers on LinkedIN, Twitter or WordPress.  SpeedSynch Semantic SEO report maps like the one below lets you easily compare the semantic signature of products, content and customers to determine if your story is close to your customer needs and when the distance changes.

SpeedSynch Twitter Feed Signals New Product Focus

* Double click on map and click again or use the zoom feature on your browser to view the two Semantic SEO reports maps below…

Semantic SEO report map of created by SpeedSynch internet marketing software to boost backlink and link quality for top SERP rank

Semantic SEO report map of Twitter Feed

Note different themes on the Twitter feed of and the Semantic SEO report map of below. Semantic SEO report map by SpeedSynch internet marketing software for semantic backlink and link quality to boost SERP rank Semantic SEO report Map

We clearly see the SpeedSynch Twitter shift by looking at the semantic differences  to the web site Semantic SEO report map above.

I must admit some of my partners were uncomfortable with me exposing our Semantic SEO report map and in defence I will say that there is one highly critical piece that is missing, our customer behaviour maps which clearly illustrate the changing needs of our customers though we describe how they are built on and I will blog about how it’s done very soon.

Now we move from the unique competitive analysis value created by Twitter to Facebook’s upcoming advertising failure.

Facebook and Advertising Failure

Facebook is about to follow in Google’s footsteps as it attempts to profit by implementing an advertising model which appears to focus on offering advertisers access to Facebook community members.

Unfortunately for Facebook their community members are also competitors as you clearly see below:

Facebook Scemantic SEO report map by Speedsynch internet marketing software for link and backlink quality to boost SEO rank

Apparently SEO Experts know how to outrank Facebook for Facebook Advertising Ads

Facebook may be in for a very big surprise as they start to compete with their own community members for advertising revenue.  Content is the key for advertising visibility, reach and relevence and Facebook community members have many years of experience in competing with Google.

Let’s see how Facebook does, though my feeling is that it will not be as good as they plan.


Nick Trendov


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