Use Twitter to Rank Higher

Twitter is more than a broadcast platform and we use Twitter to create a unique form of competitive analysis that guides how we create content for blogs, links and backlinks.  The SpeedSynch Twitter semantic map below keeps the content we build and post to Social Media sites synchronized with our internet marketing assets that include domain names, links, backlinks and blog content.

This is one internet marketing processes we drive with Twitter to boost our SERP or search engine result page rank:

  1. Create a blog post with a focused semantic signature of keywords important to
  2. Post a 140 character Tweet with a TinyURL of the semantically focused content
  3. Go to LinkedIN and share the Tweet on our home page and groups, if appropriate

We can quickly recombine blog content for, StumbleUpon or other Social Media sites and we always synchronize  product stories, customer needs and internet marketing assets to avoid wasting time and money or risk of alienating customers.


The semantic SpeedSynch Twitter feed map below helps us orient content and leverage our Internet Marketing assets.

* Click on the map twice or zoom with your browser to view a full size semantic map…

internet marketing software used to create Semantic SEO report maps

A Semantic SEO Report Map for the Twitter Feed

The Semantic signature above guides our content creation for Twitter and then we map the new content below:

Use twitter to Rank Higher with Search Engines

We Tweet focused content with an appropriate Semantic SEO signature that complements SpeedSynch Internet marketing assets to rank higher

SEO professionals will note that the semantic signature of the blog content is consistant and complementary to the semantic signature of the SpeedSynch Twitter feed above it.

Other examples of using Semantic SEO report maps to synchronize content are at


Nick Trendov


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