Auto Post vs By Hand for SEO

Do you get better SEO ranking and customer awareness when you distribute content across social media sites by hand versus an automatic tool?

Is this different than email spam?

If you can automatically generate and content to complements people or blog perspective where you will post then it is not spam.

If you post virtually the same content in response to different people or blog perspectives then many might considere it spam.

‘By hand’ infers personal touch and content perspectives aligned to the meaning of the person or blog where you intend to post.

Why not use an automated process that includes the judgement of a person who might also adjust each post ‘by hand’ if needed?

Use Twitter
Search to find where to post your content by following links in Tweets.  Twitter Rules SEO value.

Use SEO Reports
Use SEO Reports if possible to examine the ‘meaning’ of the content where you want to post.



Read the content and adjust your post to complement or support or provide another perspective to the content you have discovered via a Twitter search?

Twitter Rules SEO
Tweets provied multiple perspectives of the keywords in your content.
Find the Tweet that is closest to your content perspective and toadjust much less ‘by hand’ content which means you go faster. 


Here Twitter and SpeedSynch provide immediate perspectives and meaning that ‘cut and paste’ posting systmes lack.  Twitter and eyeballs would do the same with a little practice.

Google will penalize the client for which you are building them unless you adjust the posts, ‘by hand’ or not, they will probably be rejected or labelled spam and most probably be considered ‘similar’ by Google which means the backlinks that you are attempting to create will be worse than useless.

Good luck with it.



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