Twitter Rules SEO

Twitter rules SEO

  1. Twitter reflects Searcher and Customers needs today.
  2. Use Semantic Meaning to create instant backlink value.
  3. Synchronize your content Web sites or blogs with Twitter.

Note the two SEO Reports below, Twitter on left and Web blog on right–Twitter reflects perspectives NOW and the Web blog reflects perspectives that are longer and slower to change.

** Double click on the image below and then click again to enlarge or use the zoom feature on your browser.

Twitter vs Web blog SEO Reports by SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Tools Software

Perspectives and Value: Twitter is NOW...Web site/Blog change much slower

Ask us about how we use Twitter to create high quality and relevent back linkes NOW rather than wait for SEO tools and techniques that take weeks or months and are out of date when they are delivered!


Nick Trendov


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