Twitter, SEO Rules and a bad Hunch

This is the Semantic SEO Reports of created by SpeedSynch internet marketing tools software currently in BETA.

Twitter and Resonant View

Twitter is the envy or virtually every VC and start up company who then define their value propositions according to Twitter ‘weakness’ and does the same. 

Hunch According to Hunch

A short concise explanation of the value of hunch is found here;

” … (Hunch) created what we call the taste graph. We created this implicitly from questions answered by users and other data sources. Our thesis is that for many activities – for example deciding what movie to see or blouse to buy – it’s more useful to have the neighbors on your graph be people with similar tastes versus people who are your friends.”

I’m not sure that this is revolutionary and definately backward facing–in other words Hunch assumes that what you bought yesterday will be bought today by your Social Media neighbours with similar tastes…well, maybe and I responded here:

Spoken like a true Valley VC.

Users don’t create graphs, they interact and the software that tracks their interactions infers relationships that are by their very nature backward facing.  Shaping the value of the interactions by calling them graphs or behaviours in reality provides value to the host or software vendor usually in order to justify fees to users or advertisers or both.

It’s a simple trade, use of a platform for tracking you like a mouse in a maze until the data justifies the exit price.

The platforms have provided value though in Silicon Valley all software is a commodity including Hunch.

Software usually provides two forms of value, process acceleration and compliance and Hunch has some room to add more value in both of these areas.  The open question however is whether Catherine’s camera purchase works for me if I ask the same questions.  I’d say probably not as my story, the processes that I need accelerating, my software, brand preferences and the way I measure must be different.

Here is a Semantic SEO map of the way people and Search Engine spiders view a few of Hunch’s Twitter feed — Dog Food, Wine, Real Estate, Dating, Gay Marriage and Bread.

As far as I can tell that is the focus of an advertising aggregator though I’m not sure if it’s a bad Hunch?!

NOTE:  click on image below twice to enlarge or use your browser zoom feature.


  • ( 1 ) Tweets from’s Twitter stream
  • ( 2) Relationship Graph
  •  (3 to 9 ) Keyword Theme Weights and Relationship Hierarchies by Tweet


Semantic SEO Reports of's Twitter Stream's Twitter Stream SEO Reports by SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Tools Software

These SpeedSynch Semantic SEO reports above ( I will post a detailed explanation soon on my semantic blog)  illustrate that Hunch looks very much like any other entrpreneur who sells dog food, wine or other commodity on the internet.  Try it out…Google any of the word combinations on the map that we build with our SpeedSynch internet marketing tools software and see if Hunch can deliver the goods faster or cheaper.  Unless I have a bad Hunch,

I  think not, after all these folks stand between Google or Amazon, you and the products you need.  Hunch is no match for them.


Nick Trendov


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