How to manage 1,000 bloggers posting to popular Social Media sites.

How to manage 1,000 bloggers posting to popular Social Media sites.


a.  Choose 10 or more documents that represents your blogging ‘focus’.
b.  Provide the focus or perspectives to the 1,000 bloggers in the form of a ResonantView or keyword theme guide.
c.  Demand bloggers submit unique content, ideally in 300 word ‘blocks’.

This approach ensures that the blog content will have a focus that is important to your company and blog visitors.  The authors have the flexibility to provide their own perspectives of the focus which then provides you with keyword themes for the new style of SEMANTIC SEO or keyword phrases for old style SEO.

The 300 word blocks allows an editor to mix and match blocks or add an opening or commentary with images or a video clip very quickly.  If authors submit 900 word articles in 3 blocks then the content can be split up easily and posted across social media sites with Postereous or other applications.  The articles work harder for you this way!

It is really important that your blog content be ‘flexible’ and appeal to as many people perspectives as possible because as you push your content further through sites like Twitter the content must ‘resonate’ with many different types of people.  This is how we take content an make it ‘resonate’ with an influential blogger and the people who follow him.


Matt is followed by thousands of people because he is Google’s spam guy and SEO crews have to stay on the right side of Googles rules.  Monitoring the keyword themes (semantic meaning) and staying ‘inbounds’ with your content means that most of Matt’s followers will understand your content as it ‘resonates’ to Matt’s frequency.
See Matt’s ResonantView at the top URL below.

The documents I mention above set the ResonantView of your blog which help the authors align and SYNCHRONIZE their content which I assume is what your blog visitors want.

PERSONA and ResonantView

I built Matt Cutts’ ResonantView by looking at his last 2 Twitter stream pages though it is easy to do from his blog posts, documents or anything else in a digital format that is related to Matt’s needs or objectives.

The second URL is a link to my semantic blog which will help you avoid the slow decay if you use old schoold SEO.  A little background at the risk you expose yourself with ‘proven’ SEO is there as well. 

Google, Yahoo, BING and others are switching to semantic meanings.  Twitter is also moving from PPC to RESONANCE!


Tweets are very important and can also be crafted to ‘resonate’ to the interests of the people that you want to reach–social media influencers, customers, suppliers or community members at large.  I describe Twitter, Tweets and Resonance in my Semantic Blog.

You can do this yourself with or without the SpeedSynch internet marketing software that we used for Matt’s ResonantView.



  • –Note:  We use ‘SEO Reports’ or ‘Semantic SEO Reports’ to describe ‘ResonantView Graphs’ as searchers use SEO Reports very frequently and there is less competition for us to rank until ‘Graphs’ start to become a common search term.


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