Resonance Rules Twitter’s Tools — Part 2

Twitter’s new Resonance business model is innovative and creates some difficulty for software vendors and advertisers alike–they can’t measure it yet!  Twitter’s new rules and tools cause more stress for corporate types who have barely swallowed the bitter pill of Social Media–executives don’t like to give up control.

Lack of Control and Social Media

Social Media is essentially a number of software platforms or ‘spaces’ where people create and exhange content and infamous for the lack of ‘control’ available to brand or product owners.

Choreography Trumps Control

Stories travel inside and across Social Media platforms though compelling stories are effective in choreographing thousands of bloggers, at least for a short time.  The simple observation that engaging stories influence behaviours of people on Twitter may be one of the reasons behind Twitter’s adoption of Resonance as a core element of their advertising revenue model.

Attention and Blogger Focus

Providing attention to Tweeters is a key psychological value provided by Twitter and there is a natural tendency to be part of a winning team.  Twitter’s adoption of TRENDING statistics is a brilliant way to ‘align’ or focus bloggers on stories.  Blogger’s don’t need a reason to think, they are entertained by the ability to pick a side and Tweet until the cows come home to help ‘their team’ or flock to win the race by ending up on the top of the Trending list.

How it is Done

  1. Create a story
  2. Tweet the story and ‘lift’ it to Trending status
  3. Whip up a frenzy in blogs and old school media

Slyvester Stallone used Twitter Resonance to knock off Leonardo DiCaprio’s INCEPTION with  EXPENDIBLES.  Is Michael Cera’s SCOTT PILGRIM next? — Find out at

Focus on Story Resonance

Resonance is the centre or focus of this blog post and in the past week has moved to the centre of our Twitter, LinkedIN and WordPress activities.

Here is the Resonance map of SpeedSynch on Twitter;

Coordinate Tweets, Social Media Blogs and Corporate Content

Once we identify key content that represents the value of the centre we create a Resonance map with our SpeedSynch internet marketing software. The ’secret’ ingredient that we use is Semantic meaning which replaces tired SEO forumulas.

Google “any words used in similar spaces share meaning.” and you will find examples of a practical meaning for semantic value.

Resonance maps may be seen @SpeedSynch or where we use Resonance maps to synchronize large number of blogers, globally and in multiple languages.

Once we added the Resonance story to our brand and value proposition last week our messaging was shaped accordingly. This synchronization with Twitter’s value proposition is important and easily done with small adjustments at the edges adjusted according to the signal from the centre.

Practical Resonance

We provide a better, cooler and faster way to align the centre to the edges for;

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN, WordPress and other Social Media blogs
  • Corporate web sites

Twitter resonance changes the fastest and requires the most ‘guidance’ to maintain the synchronization and content alignment with the centre. The Social Media sites change more slowly that Twitter but quicker than corporate sites which change at a glacial pace, either for political reasons or just plain old complexity.

I would have done Resonance maps of your site, blogs and Twitter streams but then I wouldn’t have been able to justify the high rates to other customers!


Nick Trendov is the Producer of SpeedSynch internet marketing software.

SpeedSynch software employs Semantic meaning to map content relationships internally and externally from a corporate perspective and in mid-September will host five corporations in a working group to evaluate Resonance based customer profiles.

Twitter has stepped up to introduce Resonance as the driver of its advertising model and the an alternative to the eroding value of SEO and PP or pay per click advertising.

Resonance and its application to internet marketing is highlight at these two blogs; and


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