Speedsynch Resonance for Posterous

Resonance measures vibration similarity in two entities.

SpeedSynch uses Resonance to create two internet marketing values–

1. Wayfinding or Navigation
2. Accelerated Learning

Content Drives Value

SpeedSynch Resonance maps use content to present Products to Customers and help customers find products.

Content changes slowly in some places and quickly in some spaces. Twitter content changes quickly, blogs a little slower and corporate web sites even more slowly.

SpeedSynch identifies content differences and helps you synchronise your brand and product stories.

All customers are different and the needs of one customer may change at any time.

SpeedSynch uses content Resonance maps to align multiple customer behaviours to the right product at the right time.

Posterous Resonance

Posterous users post to multiple site and SpeedSynch is able to determine if other Posterous posts have a similar semantic meaning and reference those posts to provide Proximity Value.

Join us to explore how SpeedSynch can help you create more value better, cooler and faster than your competitors!

Nick Trendov


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