Resonance means Bringing ideas from Mind to Market

Bringing ideas to market is the holy grail of Social Media entrepreneurs globally and the European Union has their eyes focused on that prize while venture capitalists eye exit strategies.

The Speed of Change

Social Media andWhen we look at the speed of content changes in web sites, social media sites and Twitter, it is easy to observe how each software platform vibrates at a different frequency–Twitter the fastest, social media slower and websites the slowest.  Competitive analysis and internet marketing must know account for the different rhythms of content change and behaviours seen in order to provide useable insight and strategies helpful to business.  Besides the impact to corporations, the business of search has been impacted by the speed of Social Media and Twitter.

Search Shifts to Social Media

Since early 2009 over half of searchers started their searches in social media platforms and trust or rather the ability to ‘shape’ SEO by almost anyone may have been the cause and the trend appears to be accelerating.  Google and other search engines now appear to be shifting to Semantic search to shake the control of entrepreneurs who rent domain names and create content as fast as possible to stand between buyers and sellers on the internet.

Google or BING, including quotation marks– “Any words used in similar spaces share meaning.” for a practical hands on experience of Semantic search that is different from keyword oriented search.

Insight Shifts to Twitter

Twitter is to SMS as RIM is to email.   Twitter’s success is based on ‘Resonance’ between Tweets and people who read them and Re-Tweet.   Twitter is engaging and with its trending panel stimulates ‘play’ where groups all over the world ‘compete’ to see if their ‘themes’ can beat out those of their competitors.  Winning themes are known instantly though very hard to control.  Obtaining a ResonantView of what stories are trending is critical to adjusting corporate advertising and manufacturing focus and coporations are still very uncomfortable in the new social media and realtime marketing spaces.

Ideas to Market

When taking ideas to market speed counts and coordinating vast networks of people, expertise, intellectual property and manufacturing capacity is important.  Going alone is not an option and the North American approach to innovation, manufacturing and marketing is about to face a fierce challenge by a systemwide approach.

Just like Twitter can be used to ‘synchronize’ thousands of Tweeters,  the EU looks to syncronize tens of countries who may not have the luxury of going alone.  Read the news and events from the EU Pavilion Shanghai 2010 World Expo.

via Bringing ideas from mind to market.

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Nick Trendov


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