Help Thought Leaders Sell Your Products

Thought leaders are people or companies that are followed and relied upon as a source of wisdom or best practices that may be applied to get a job done or improve how things are accomplished.

According to Wikipedia a ‘Thought Leader’ may be recognized by some of these characteristics;

  1. …an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas.
  2. …a distinguishing characteristic of a thought leader is “the recognition from the outside world that the company deeply understands its business, the needs of its customers, and the broader marketplace in which it operates.”
  3. “…leadership development is rooted in personal development & organizational transformation is rooted in individual transformation.”

Make Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are bridges who help people or organizations change and there are two values critical to becoming an effective thought leader and these value can be taught.

  1. Wayfinding or helping people find what they need to find, refine and address current problems
  2. Learning or helping people or companies learn about the tools and processes to achieve their goals

Influence Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are always looking for two things;

  • Spaces to self-promote
  • New stories that help them stay ahead and retain their ‘thought leadership’

In order to influence thought leaders it is important to provide them with the raw material to accomplish these two objectives.

Curating News Stories

News stories, if they are new and focused on your customers and their customers, one very effective source of information for thought leaders in your marketspace.  Curating those news stories for thought leaders saves them time and helps them understand the context and value of your products in a way that they can communicate.

Curating News Stories with Internet Marketing Software

Thought leaders can’t stay ahead of all the stories generated in Social Media platforms and they will value your ability to provide good high quality and relevant summaries so that they can retain their ‘thought leadership’.   How can you do this quickly?

We have built SpeedSynch internet software tools to do one simple thing, to align product stories with internet content and the story perspectives of your customers and their customers.  This way as the needs of your customers change you understand how to adjust faster than your competitors and providing some of this insight to thought leaders will provide you will very effective promotion or market recognition.

Make Your Own Thought Leaders

Once you discover how to provide useful information to thought leaders you can make your own as thought leadership is knowing what is important and helping people quickly find the information they need and quickly learn the skills needed to do their work.

We have exemplars of SpeedSynch Resonance maps that analyze themes in stories whether those stories indicate the needs of people or companies, the news stories that would help them or the opinions of thought leaders in their industry.  You can easily align the stories that illustrate the problems or questions posed by people and companies to illustrate the answers or solutions that your products can provide.  Doing this bridges questions and answers and that is thought leadership.

Making thought leaders is as simple as providing tools to help them bridge questions and answers.


Nick Trendov @resonantview


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