Names Rule and Trump Brands in Social Media Internet Marketing

Social Media lets ordinary people create value by sharing their perspectives by posting blog content or Tweeting in their community spaces and places.

Perspectives and Names

The simple act of blogging shares perspectives among people and in the rich perspective we may see how many different names describe the ‘same thing’ or how one name may be used to describe many ‘different things’.   Indeed resonance inspires content and Social Media helps us create value with perspectives.

Command and Control Precision

From a seller’s perspective precision is next to godliness and this becomes evident as CEO’s strive to achieve ‘market visibility’ when they make their pronouncements of future sales numbers to stock market investors and likewise they demand precision in the budgets that are presented to the board for approval.  All risk is factored by sophisticated formulas and net present values in order to achieve their corporate objectives so that all employees survive and thrive.  Oddly enough things never quite go the way that CEO’s determine is best for them and the corporate trust that is in their charge and when I read about a corporations ‘meeting their numbers’ I wonder how the numbers were ‘shaped’ to achieve this stunning feat. 

Oddly enough corporations put on the appearand of precision in order to convey a sense of control in a world that changes in unexpected ways by the second.  Remember that the military term ‘command and control’ is applied frequently to corporate operations.

Precise Brands vs Names Perspectives

As a storyteller I believe naming is better, cooler and faster than branding for these reasons;

1.  Brand take seller perspectives and are ‘fixed’
2.  Names may take temporary customer perspectives

While there are as many different ways to name something as leaves of grass, consider how these two ways to name might help.  


This name applies a standard search engine optimization perspective and is based on the way that search engine spiders read names

2.  Google (include quotes) “Any words used in similar spaces share meaning.”

This second namiong approach is technically not a name but rather uses semantic meaning to link any searcher that ‘googles’ “Any words used in similar spaces share meaning.” to multiple links within a search engine results page or SERP.  Each link representa a different story perspective or name that might appeal to different searchers–all of the stories may lead to a brand or single name or multiple names.  Note that in this second case we don’t have to know which story or name appeals to searchers, they tell us by ‘declaring’ or selecting what is important to them at the time they see their options.

Names Rule and Trump Brands

Names rule in Social Media Internet Marketing because they reflect multiple perspectives which can be selected according to the needs of searchers rather than commanded and controlled by corporations or sellers regardless of value to buyers.

The ability of almost any blogger to influence SEO page rank simply removes the perception of control for corporations who depend on SEO to minimze their marketing risk. 

Naming is the New Branding

You will be forced to assess the impact of Social Media on your branding and marketing investments and sooner would be better than later, in our experience. 

Nick @resonantview


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