Twitter and New Internet Marketing Rules

I am not in love with Twitter but just like a hammer or a drill, if it is helpful, I pick it up and then quickly put it down when the job is done–this is is what I do with the combination of Twitter and internet marketing software techniques to support internet advertising and promotions:

1.  Connect People to Content –stories, blogs and maps to facilitate Wayfinding and for Fast Learning

2.  Connect Products to Customers — help visitors identify product behaviours that serve their needs

It’s not about Twitter nor Social Media but rather what you can do with Twitter and Social Media to serve your communities and help them find what helps them when they need it.


My unique specialty is enterprise analytics and I’ve delivered solutions internationally based on Microsoft’s SharePoint and ProClarity analytics platforms.  During the past five years of competing against IBM Cognos SPSS SAS and many others I found that 2 key elements delivered 80% of value for my customers;

Wayfinding and Fast Learning

Twitter can deliver both of these values without expensive analytics systems that range in cost from $20k to $1M.


The ‘customers’ of the analytics services already have the numbers in other systems which they can access and we teach them how to ‘float’ the data in the proper perspective and space so that it can be consumed easily when needed.  It is in this art that Twitter acts as a connector to facilitate realtime insight from a mobile perspective, internationally, 24 hours/day.


Twitter is part of a larger trend towards people ‘gathering’ at or rather using Social Media software platforms as they move away, at least partially from interacting with search engine software like Yahoo, BING and Google.

The advantage of Twitter is engagement as stories can be told in short bursts from mobile phones and globally in many languages, all at the same time.  The ability for a story to ‘traverse’ people, languages, place, space and time is very exciting for storytellers though new for advertisers and the tools used to deliver the story or stories in this way fall under the label transmedia.


Yes.  The process of engaging people and delivering stories in a transmedia format is thousands of years old though naturally the technology has evolved over time.

I know transmedia is legitimate as venture capitalists in the USA have started using the lable crossmedia to brand the term which is for them a significant act of engagement.  In order to profit venture capitalists must control the name, then the ‘intellectual property’ , then the software and finally the distribution channels.

We are positioning our internet marketing software to exploit this trend.

We show you how to extract value from the relationships of stories and numbers by using internet marketing software.  Ours is called SpeedSynch though our approach is easily applied to other tools as needed.




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