Twitter Resonance and Trust

If you still depend on search engine optimization or SEO and rely on Google Analytics to help you spend your advertising budget you need to explore ‘resonance’ and why Twitter uses it as their new Advertising business model.

To see the link between ‘resonance’ and marketing, go to

Profit and Resonance

The concept of resonance is simple, people and products ‘vibrate’ according to how their value, needs and how they define answers and problems.  In order to increase sales and profits marketers must ensure that products may be found and that customers understand their value.  The closer the resonance match between products and customers the higher the sales and profits.

Resonance and Content

The relationship of resonance and content is a fundamental element of any marketing campaign because if the content or messages delivered don’t reflect customer need the sales don’t happen.

Content and SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a practice that employs tools and techniques to increase the visibility of marketing content to customers.  The core methodology of SEO is the creation of backlinks which are used to boost the page rank of the content where backlinks are directed.  Backlinks were initially created by web site administrators or web masters but currently are created by bloggers which creates a significant problem as backlink creation has become the new form of spam.

Content is king but backlinks tend to be spam and this has eroded the value of SEO for marketers and the corporations that employ them.

SEO and Google

With the perceived corruption of backlinks by bloggers and the consequential impact to SEO, Twitter was able to step into the gap with a software platform that is essentially a marketplace where people ‘vote’ for content by re-peating or re-Tweeting.  When Twitter content is no longer relevent it ‘dies’ and disappears unlike blog spam that is ‘forever’.

Good Content Gone Bad

Even if blogs were purged of ‘spam’ today the content there still goes ‘bad’ as it doesn’t change to reflect current reality of brands, solutions, products or the needs of searchers.  It is the use of blog content that is fundamentally flawed but if blog content was dropped tomorrow nobody would use Google or the other search engines.

Social Media and Trust

Social Media software platforms have seen unprecedented growth in the past three years because of ‘trust’. People trust people to help them refine questions and find the answers they need.  

Twitter and Tweets appear to have a very high trust factor.  Can SEO be trusted? 

Who do you trust, someone you know or search engine software algorithms influenced by advertising revenues?



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