How to Avoid SEO ‘Empty Calories’

SEO Empty Calories

Talk to almost any search engine or ‘expert’ today and they will provide slick examples of how to choose domain names and search keywords to ‘guarantee’ high page rank.  While the proof points are impressive there are two counter mega-trends to consider carefully before taking action.

1. If your SEO campaign is successful and if your customers use the exact keyword phrase to search for an answer to their problem(s), then other SEO ‘experts’ will create content or use your own content to step ahead of you and potentially divert searchers to your competitors or at least sell Google adds placed by your competitors or divert searchers to Amazon.

2. Today over half of all searches start in community spaces and increasingly in a mobile platform. Searchers don’t stand for thousands or millions of ‘answers’, many of them outdated or not suitable for searchers or spam generated to improve page rank–see 1 above.

Twitter’s Resonance advertising model avoids virtually all of these pitfalls and Google recently purchased Metaweb for semantic algorithms to minimize search answer results and focus them to searcher perspectives.

Search on and include ” “, “Any words used in similar spaces share meaning.” to see how semantic algorithms impact your SEO marketing programs. Type any brand or product name into any search engine and you will see this in action today.

Google appears to be ‘prodding’ SEO ‘experts’ to video, though it is an open question whether searchers will spend more time to get less information as they wad through video, mostly of dubious quality and from unproven sources.

Delivery of Learning Content Boosts SEO Value

A significant amount of SEO value today is aimed at boosting search engine page rank where it is assumed, though not always achieved, that searchers will get value once they get to the content attached to the url with the high page rank.

This promise may be gently described as ’empty calories’ as typically searchers that go to these optimized and highly ranked pages see content unrelated to their search or their problems or just a link to Amazon or other supplier which they could have easily found themselves.

Learning Value

It is possible to deliver high value Learning in addition to traditional SEO value to searchers and here is how we have done it since 2005 with our Speedsynch internet marketing software.

The assessment below from a corporate Learning practitioner may help you consider internet marketing software methodology for SEO reports and competitive analysis.

SpeedSynch methodologies and software employ stories and numbers to assess the alignment of people, content and products. The products ultimately deliver answers to questions or accelerate processes valued by buyers. The content helps searchers define answers or refine questions–usually in parallel and often in a search engine before 2008 and now in a Social Media community–soon via a mobile phone. The first step in our SpeedSynch process determines the current value relationships of people, content and product and helps us deliver Accelerated Learning or Content Navigation or Measure Conditioned Behaviours in order to align new content harmoniously.

Here is the assessment from the learning practitioner–

Two useful items found in support the case for SpeedSynch:

1. Figure 1 Learning Agility Five Factor Model o page 62.

2. Quote on page 16-Malcolm Knowles, a prominent education theorist, has challenged us to rethink what an organization is—to view it as a “system of learning as well as production and service-delivering resources. “In the context of 3.0, the idea of an organization as a system of learning as well as production is becoming a stunningly accurate definition.”

Another view of accelerated learning may be found at

Contact us to see how SpeedSynch internet marketing software provides two critical values

  • 1.  Accelerated Learing
  • 2. Content Wayfinding to align customers and products–and helps you avoid SEO ’empty calories.


Nick Trendov


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