New TransMedia Marketing Rules

Internet marketing has essentially changed very little since marketers discovered how to successfully use Yahoo 10 years ago which may seem shocking to the Google generation, but an accurate description of current practices.

Old School

The old school marketers use search engine optimization or SEO to create micro blog sites, landing pages and offers around products and marketing campaigns.  The really creative marketers add mobile games, SMS and interactive video to spice up the promotions so that medi spend is justified by showing a ‘TV plus Web2.0’ experience to justify media spend and billing.  Is this effective or enough?

New Media and TransMedia

The intersection of Old Media and Web2.0 has created a New Media, that’s for sure, but what else is happening?  TransMedia or the ability to engage people by taking a story and delivering it in different places, spaces and times appears to be a faster, simpler and more flexible future for creative marketers and their customers who want to break out of the crowd.

TransMedia Best Practices

It is hard to believe but none other than Sylvester Stallone shows the TransMedia types what to do as he subtly elbows out Leonardo DiCaprio and Angela Jolie out of the way by driving his move Expendables past Inception and Salt.

Current TransMedia Perspectives

The SpeedSynch Resonance Map below is crafted from a post that describes TransMedia community building and while it is generally good information I suggest looking at the Sylvester Stallone link above as it shows practical, simple and effective techniques that marketers can take to the bank. 

New TransMedia Marketing Rules

  1. Craft a story to appeal to mutliple customers or Neuropersona behaviours in multiple languages, cultures and markets.
  2. Use Twitter to engage customers across multiple time zones and markets.
  3. Create waves of Tweets and blog posts with increasing intensity before and after your product release.

TransMedia or Cross Media

I know that TransMedia is a going concern as venture capitalists or VCs in Silicon Valley are attempting to re-brand it as Cross-Media, a sure sign of success as for Valley VCs controlling the brand is everything.  Now two more things will start to deepen in the world of TransMedia or Cross Media–

  1. Technology and patents
  2. Methodology documentation and success stories

These two things occur invariably as they are mandatory for VCs to go to market, they are the ‘exit strategy’.

Marketers and TransMedia

It is possible for marketers to exploit the creativity and value created by TransMedia without getting hooked by the VC hype and the desire for the TransMedia folks to cash out before TransMedia matures by looking to Sylvester Stallone’s example above and other practical examples of TransMedia in action.

TransMedia Caution

The promotors of the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World attempted to replicate Stallone’s Twitter TransMedia success and fizzled.  They didn’t understand the Brasillian connection in the campaign.

Call us to explore TransMedia and practical ways to employ New TransMedia Marketing Rules.


Nick Trendov


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