Mobile, Marketing and TransMedia Rules — #IN

The wild success of Twitter has re-ignited the imagination of mobile marketers who are now looking to TransMedia story delivery having been burnt by the over-promise and poor ROI of mobile advertising linked to ‘Apps’ from Apple or mobile games promising engagement or under used Google search windows.

What is TransMedia?

TransMedia is a new label for a very old art, storytelling, and is important to advertisers and the corporations that they serve alike because it is a simple, effective and imaginative means to create and deliver two unique values within content;

  • Wayfinding or Navigation — think directions or signs, gets people to products or content
  • Accelerated Learning — helps learners understand how products or content fits into their world

TransMedia describes the art of taking a story apart and delivering it to physical spaces and digital places where people gather. The story ‘de-construction’ is a necessary and important piece of helping people engage with stories and a successful though very old learning technique used by many cultures.  If you are a marketer it is better to deliver your story elements in an engaging way where people you serve gather rather that forcing people to go to an unfamiliar place or space to learn new content or about a new product.

TransMedia Marketing is HOT

Search on “transmedia” and you will see almost half a million ‘hits’ which for an advertising topic is very active, especially since it is unknown to the general public.  To understand TransMedia we must consider the stories that it delivers and the two values noted above; Wayfinding or Navigation and Accelerated Learning.

Storytellers and mentors alike teach with stories and use proven learning techniques to stimulate learner engagement and these approaches lend themselves to helping people learn about new ways to doing things or how to use new products or tools.  Traditionally this type of learning has been done face to face or in small groups though smart mobile phones, ebooks and laptops combined with social media platforms offer a unique platform to deliver TransMedia marketing content, and marketers are doing that actively.  It is important to note that there is a method to how and why story components are delivered and the use of Resonance, the core of Twitter’s advertising model, is a simple and effective guideline to effective TransMedia story delivery, and if you are careful in understanding your customer perspectives and behaviours you will success with the budget you have allocated.

Ask your advertising agency about TransMedia and they will provide you a plan.  This is a sure sign that TransMedia is hot.

TransMedia Trumps SEO

What is SEO?  SEO is a search concept based on content that spread across the internet which determines the web pages offered to searchers after they enter questions in the form of words into a search engine window.  But is this effective?

Consider that once searchers ‘find’ an answer or rather are directed to an answer according to search engine algorithms, they must understand where they are and ‘integrate’ the answer into their processes, thoughts and lives–no easy task, and why Social Media sites now are the starting place for over half of all searches.  It appears that most searchers believe it is easier to go to spaces where you trust other people rather than depending on a machine, and marketers have noticed and responded by shifting their marketing budgest to Social Media sites and Twitter who offers even more opportunity with their Resonance advertising model.

Unlike SEO which takes searchers to ‘strange spaces’ where they have to orient themselves and determine whether they can trust the information source, TransMedia can deliver to spaces trusted by searchers an in a way where the engagement with part of the story creates trust and leads to another part of the story, either in the same or different space or directs people to a physical place like a movie theatre, book store or television show.  TransMedia is friendlier, more engaging and delivers the trust in a way that is more natural than SEO.  Marketers are excited about TransMedia because they control their message in a way that is impossible with SEO.  TransMedia is ‘hot’ because marketers and their customers regain messaging control, flexibility and avoid SEO risk.

How to Deliver TransMedia Value

TransMedia is an evolving art but there are many common themes, one of which is spreading the story or message across multiple platforms so that the media interaction if comfortable for those who find the story.  But how do we know where to go with our story?


TransMedia stories may be effectively and quickly delivered by understanding the story elements and media platforms that ‘resonate’ with your customers.  Resonance is found in content, products, places, spaces, people and the challenge to marketers is aligning resonance so that people get the content they need in a place where they are comfortable and this is done simply and quickly by crafting custromer perspectives or personae.

TransMedia Rules

TransMedia is an old art and part of a larger process that helped people learn and represents an important value for marketers and the organizations that they serve.  Nothing new happens without learning, whether it starts with the creation of an idea or the related innovation and learning that manifests that idea to a product which is then taken to market with new processes and metrics.

Here are some of the rules that help us understand how to deploy stories in a TransMedia format;

  1. Understand the ‘resonance’ of people, products and the content important to learning.
  2. De-construct product and brand stories so that they can be delivered in multiple places and spaces.
  3. Shape stories of your suppliers or competitors to add value to your stories or teach you customers faster.
  4. Deliver storie components in spaces and places where customers are comfortable.
  5. Deliver stories when customers can engage with them and learn quicker.

Join us @SpeedSynch or @ResonantView to see examples of SpeedSynch Resonance Maps for TransMedia marketing.




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