Mobile APPS and Twitter based TransMedia Marketing

Do mobile APPS add value to your phone or product marketing?

The mobile phone provides tremendous opportunities for marketers to deliver unique value by employing mobile APPS to deliver content to the right people or people to the right content according to mobile phone user needs.

‘Twist’ for Twitter is a concept mobile APP that twists Twitter content to the perspective of mobile phone users by delivering content or people to the appropriate physical or digitial spaces across (trans) media channels for;

  • Marketing–alignment of content and people with ‘Resonance
  • Questions and Answers–helps ‘Find’ answers or ‘Refine’ questions
  • Fast Learning–brokers Content, Persona expertise and Process best practices

Think of the mobile phone’s Twitter UI as Twiest for Twitter’s ‘on/off ramp’ which sends Twitter content to a cloud server to create SpeedSynch RESONANCE MAPS or content GIS based on relationships of;

  • PEOPLE ‘Personae’
  • CONTENT marketing/learning/navigation
  • PROCESS or work

The `Twist` for Twitter concept above mirrors the value delivered by our SpeedSynch internet marketing software.

Nick @SpeedSynch


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