Resonance Rules Trump Social Media Conversations @SpeedSynch #IN

Most Social Media marketers tend to promote the idea that ‘shaping’ or influencing conversations leads to marketing success, though in our experience the link between ‘good conversations’ and marketing success is hopeful at best as you can see from your own experience.

Talkers and Voyeurs

Conversations are about talkers or posters in the Social Media community platform spaces where roughly twenty people ‘listen’ or lurk in the background for everyone that ‘talks’ or posts.  They rest of the people in a Social Media community listen or watch what is going on and may or may not find the conversation or other content in the place or space that they visit.

Voyeurs and Success Measures

Since late 2008 more people have started searching for things or information they need in Social Media communities rather than Search Engines and the trend to listening to ‘people rather than machines’ has accelerated since then with the cooperation of Marketers and Advertisers who have begun to shift most of their marketing budgets to Social Media platforms and away from Search Engines Pay-Per-Click or Organic SEO and traditional Media sources. 

The shift of marketing budgets has also changed success measures as Social Media communities are not the same and range in value provided by software suppliers that include Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter among others.  Each platform provides slightly different value to members and advertisers alike, some facilitate commercial transactions, others social interactions, while others are better at getting people to the information or relationships that they need in order to choose what to buy when.

Most of the new success measures focus on ‘talkers’ or people that interact with the Social Media platforms rather than the relationships of People, Content and Process or work.

Success and Social Media Conversations

Social Media, unlike corporate sites or blogs typically contains ‘advertising or marketing messages’ imbedded in content or conversations.  The implication is that ‘Social Media’ is not ‘corrupt’ and people provide their own opinions and perspectives about products.  However in practice it is easy to see where manufacturers, re-sellers or service providers ‘stuff’ blogs and Social Media spaces with ‘favourable opinions’.

Opinion ‘stuffing’ is similar to and often related to Search Engine Optimization or SEO keyword stuffing where people or companies try to ‘control’ keywords typed into search engines and direct the folks who type those word combinations to their sites regardless of the suitability or affinity or resonance of the web site content and the person who is looking for something.  Social Media conversations are used as a ‘gentle way’ of accomplishing the same thing as ‘keyword stuffing’, conversations are started or amplified so that the conversation sponsor benefits by inflencing people in the Social Media space.

Social Media Conversations and Twitter’s Resonance Innovation

The idea that conversations are friendly and trump advertising is a romantic notion at best as any advertisers knows how to bend, shape and twist converstations to highlight their products and services.  Posing as a happy customers or ‘leading’ a conversation like a skilled courtroom barrister or lawyer is also not very honest though it happens quite often and many Social Media companies explicitly offer services that promise successful results using similar techniques.  Twitter on the other hand actually prevents this type of behaviour or promotion or marketing from being very effective since the number of lurkers or voyeurs outnumber the ‘conversationalists’ or bloggers by at least 10 to 1.

With Twitter the ‘promotional’ content, unless it is a paid promotion, dies as there are not enough real customers repeating or re-Tweeting.

Twitter Resonance and Amplification

If Twitter doesn’t provide and advantage to marketers who hope to shape or influence conversations then what?  Consider the opportunity to ‘amplify’ what customers are telling you and indeed Twitter will only allow paid promotions of Tweets or posts that have been posted previously on company Twitter streams and not specially crafted posts or Tweets.

Call us to see how our SpeedSynch Resonance Maps measure what is important to your customers and help you amplify what they need.




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