Executives Will Never Understand Trust #IN Social Media

I took another look at one very interesting Twitter feed yesterday with our SpeedSynch Resonance Maps and noticed the posts about Nokia, Chevron and ExOfficio and an interesting pattern emerged. 

These companies treat Social Media as a pool of stories which is different than most executives who treat Social Media as a source of answers and questions.

SpeedSynch and Resonance is about stories.
SEO and search engine optimization is about questions and answers.

Trust goes to Social Media becasue of Story Resonance.
Trust leaves SEO because the answer is the same to any question–a sponsor’s product.

It is hard to explain this without images and when you are ready contact us to set up a Skype webinar which may answer the questions that you may have and stimulate others.


NIck Trendov www.speedsynch.com


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