Analytics fails Marketers #IN TransMedia

Social Media analytics suppliers are a focused bunch and provide sophisticated tools and techniques to help marketers understand relationships and conversations, but is this enough?

Listeners or Voyeurs?

One of the highly promoted approaches promoted by Social Media consultants and analytics services suppliers alike is ‘listening’ to Social Media conversations in order to determine changes in product sentiment or community relationships.  The thinking is that listening to conversations provides insight into what will happen, but is this just voyeurism or is this activity valuable?

Relationships and Stories

Marketers typically distribute stories and content across multiple media channels which may or may not include Social Media and so the content and conversations in Social Media spaces may or may not inform the relationships of people, content and product useful to marketing analysts.

Quite simply the Social Media conversations that are the object of vigourous ‘listening’ represent only part of a larger marketing campaign and relevent customer or product stories.  While people may post all of the stories related to a product in a Social Media blog post, in my experience, it is unlikely as the focus of most posts are resposes to questions or stating answers or expressing a particular focus.

Stories and Resonance

People define their posts in the form of questions, answers or interests according to the community where they comment, differently in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other spaces.  Effectively the content of authors ‘resonates’ according to the space where they comment.

Resonance and TransMedia

Marketers promote products across multiple media channels and may express part of their message or content differently and in different places or spaces according to the people they target.  This story ‘splitting’ and delivery in different forms is loosely called TransMedia.

TransMedia is also a hot topic in the Advertising world because it works and it can also be combined with the concept of  resonance so that the story elements are delivered according to the space and place frequented by people who could buy the products and delivered in a form that resonates with the places where the marketing content is encountered.


Contact us if we can help you assess the opportunities of TransMedia and avoid the failure of hyperfocused Social Media analytics.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch


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