Is Game Addiction the NEW SEO #IN 2011?

SEO is fading faster as VCs and marketers shift their attention and considerable budgets to Social Media platforms, mobile apps and game based product hybrids designed to be ‘sticky’ or addictive–almost a digital form of ‘meth’ but this is a replay of the early 1990’s when the desired customer behaviour was named ‘stickiness’ rather than game based addiction.


This post is not meant to MINIMIZE the damage caused by all forms of addiction but rather highlight the use of the concept of addiction that appears to be used currently to promote investments by VCs and marketers. 

The use of ‘game’ by VCs and marketers is contrasted by the notion that some game developers seem ‘nervous’ about creating ‘addictive’ games for ‘moral reasons’ whereas in Silcon Valley 20 odd years ago entrepreneurs and the VC’s that backed them specifically designed their internet software and websites to be sticky.

Speed Trumps Stickiness

A funny thing happened when the World Wide Web aka WWW in the 1990s as entrepreneurs created sticky sites–people grew tired of them and found other sites that offered similar value very quickly.  Speed trumped stickiness for one simple reason, the value of time.  Web site visitors preferred to find what they needed quickly and get on with their lives and ‘Sticky’ business models collapsed.

Too Ridiculous to Fear

While addiction is a feared state and may cause significant problems, stress and anguish, it appears that it is the modern replacement for the old ‘sticky’ term used when the browser was created to navigate the WWW. 

In other words game and addiction are apparently used to attract investment or marketing attention. 

For most adults who don’t wish to inflict anyone with addiction the idea that addiction is a positive feature is not sensible and from my perspective may be too ridiculous to fear.

Let’s see what game focused VC’s do and how many people jump in because addiction appears to be the new cool.


Nick @SpeedSynch


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