Mobile Phones killed SEO and other MARKET#ING Fiction

Now that most people on this planet own a mobile phone it is time to consider how some surprising things like the death of SEO or use of addiction as a product feature may be related to this simple fact. 

Consider these stories which may be fictional and have been chosen to affect the people that read this post.

Death of SEO

Mobile phone users can’t look at 3,000,000 Google ‘hits’ and then realized that looking at any Google hits may not be useful

Gaming is Hot

Marketers and Venture Capitalists are spending heavily on anything related to gaming to increase stickiness to their investments and products.  The same ‘stickiness’ approach failed when the worldwide web was conceived, the only difference now is that the stories that are attached to gaming are sometimes horrifying as they are related to addiction. 

Technology and Success Must be Scary

Horror is a popular genre and VCs and marketers alike are betting that this new ‘stew’ of sticky goo and scary will make money.

Customers Don’t Care

People don’t really care what marketers believe about why they buy products, they have a need and buy according to their capacity and so marketers justify what happened in the past in an attempt to understand what they must do in the future to repeat success.

Mistaken Identity

If the measure of marketing success is a measure then mistaken identity is the best way to explain the difference between how marketers typically measure success and why people actually bought a product.  To understand this odd statement think about why you buy something and repeat the process when you buy it a second or third time. 

  • Did you buy a product more than once for the same reason? 
  • Do you use the product you bought the same way each time ? 
  • Are you the same person when you buy the same product again?

Behaviours Rule Buyers

To understand how Behaviours Rule Buyers look at any product you know and the people that buy that product and you will notice that people that appear totally different seem to share common behaviours.  We call these groups of shared behaviours Persona and make use of Persona to predict future buying patterns and stimulate product and content innovation with Resonance.

Predictive Analysis and Resonance Rules

People, content and products each have a natural resonance that changes over time and the the responsibility of marketers is to match the need or resonance of people to the value or resonance of products they sell in order to create the environment for a successful exchange of value or ‘sale’.

We use our SpeedSynch tools to measure and map Resonance by looking at;

  • stories that describe the behaviours of people
  • stories that form content that helps people find and learn about products
  • stories that describe products and the value they deliver

Changing Marketing Spend

Buyers of products buy where they are comfortable but the way they measure comfort may change over time and in order to get the best ROI for your marketing spend we suggest thinking about marketing from the perspective of TransMedia Marketing Rules.

Market#ing Fiction

Some myths that marketers must face daily include;

  • Market segments help us find our future customers and sell them our future products
  • SEO marketing and keyword investments help us find our future customers and sell them our future products
  • We know which channels to spend our advertising budget to reach our future customers and sell them our future products

Marketers have a hard job successfully finding customers and delivering the value that they need to buy products and this job is made more difficult by the myths that they face daily in supporting the business models of the companies they serve.

Resonance is a potent tool that has been popularized by Twitter and is useful to any marketer in delivering value to their customers.

Call us to see how SpeedSynch Resonance Maps can help your marketers deliver the value demanded by your future customers.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch


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