Resonance and Prediction Marketing Rules II

Success, Risk and Resonance

We offer these ‘new’ Resonance and Prediction Marketing rules for internet marketing and research professionals to build upon our introduction to Resonance.

Marketing on the internet is both the same and different than conventional marketing.

  • Marketers need to attract people to products and facilitate mutually profitable interactions or transactions.
  • Marketers receive and must adopt to instant feedback from people about their brand, solution and product values. 

Our SpeedSynch Resonance Maps are designed to help marketers understand how perspective customers define the questions that motivate them and understand how the answers that customers seek aligns to value delivered by the brands, solutions and products on web sites, blogs or Twitter feeds.

The image below shows how content is used to align people to products and exploits SpeedSynch Resonance Maps to understand the relationships between–People, Content and Processes or work.

Resonance Rules for Prediction Marketing

  • Product content, descriptions and press releases must be tuned to specific anticipated or future customer behaviours.
  • Competitors are the fastest and most accurate source of innovation
  • Innovation Contests offer effective and low cost insights to people, products and content relationships

Prediction marketing is based on the simple premise that predictions made from historical information may not accurately address current customer needs or how customers measure success today–especially since the products offered to customers may be different either in function or form to those purchased in the past.

I-Prize Contests Rule Innovation and Resonance

Offering prizes for product and business model ideas has created significant value to companies like CISCO where external expertise can provide the basis for innovation that would have been un-discovered by company experts regardless of their skills or intelligence.  Companies that employ contests must align the ideas that they harvest to their own capabilities, their customer needs and the capacity of their suppliers to bring those ideas or business models to life–the ideas must RESONATE.

Contact us to see how you can use RESONANCE to create new value, innovate and gain insight to future customer behaviours and provide customers valuable options and navigations aids to understand the value offered by your products, solutions and brands.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch


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