Twitter Top of Mind, Focus and Resonance Rules Predictive Market#ing

Marketers who need to know what their future customers are thinking about and where their attention is focused can go to Twitter to see what is Top of Mind and the Focus that then need to align their Product values, Social Media and advertising content.

Twitter Top of Mind and Twitter Focus of a Mobile Marketing Entrepreneur

Resonance Rules Predictive Marketing

The concept of resonance is usually connected with sound though it is a relationship between sound and a RESONATOR that is a container.  As sound enters the container’s space its natural resonance, the frequency at which it vibrates at a sub-atomic level, is influenced by the sound.  If the sound vibrates at the same frequency of the container it resonates with it to augment its naturual frequency whereas sound of a different frequency modifies or dampens the container’s natural frequency.  The same happens to stories as they spread across Social Media and the Internet as when they enter conversations in blogs or Twitter streams they either make them louder, change them or are rejected.

Social Media and Resonance

Companies or people that wish to promote products or content must ‘wrap’ their stories to ensure that they resonate according to the spaces the stories must travel to reach the people that are suitable for their products.  The stories or content must;

  • Resonate with Products
  • Resonate with People
  • Resonate with Places or Spaces or Media channels where they are delivered

Story or Content Resonance

Stories or Content may be applied to deliver many important values that are quite distinct;

  1. Navigation people use content to help them find things, the content is expendable after use.
  2. Learning people use content to learn, the content is useful, though sometimes less valuable, after use.
  3. Measure content is delivered to evoke a response which is an indicator or measure

Contact us to see how SpeedSynch Resonance Maps show you Twitter Top of Mind and Focus for Predictive Marketing.


Nick @SpeedSynch


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