GROUPON wins the Lottery with a simple story–deliver more coupons with more sales people.

GROUPON, despite what the Silicon Valley crowd profess, succeeded quickly enough to be courted by the top global ‘internet’ corporations because of a simple story–GROUPON delivers more coupons with more sales people than digital pretenders like Foursquare.

CRM and GROUPON Success has a short reference to GROUPON as a customers and how their hosted CRM application allow quick global expansion and make no mistake, CRM is about tracking customers and organising efforts to increase sales.  Used in its pure form CRM is simply a list of potential customers that allows sales representatives to chose from a list of products and the selling begins.  Focused companies keep CRM simple and GROUPON’s astounding revenue growth shows that their use of CRM was not about fancy reports and marketing justification or project management but rather simply making calls and sales.

GROUPON vs Facebook

Facebook founders and VC’s have a fantastic dis-advantage compared with GROUPON, the experience to understand that it takes real live sales people to knock on doors and pick up phones to actually meet and talk to people.  In the ‘internet age’ this simple focus fueled growth in sales, where it counts, much faster than Facebook or Twitter.  Until salespeople talk to the business that ‘print’ the cupons, GROUPON is only an idea.

What About You?

Well if your company doesn’t have the luck, funding, connections or drive of the GROUPON founders and insdiers driven to succeed, there is still hope if you keep it simple and focused on your customers.

  • Talk to people, face to face is best but telephone is pretty good too.
  • Show your customers how your product makes them money.
  • Deliver a product in a simple way.

GROUPON and Social Media

GROUPON is all over Facebook and Twitter which helps people find them and get to the cupons that they deliver, though only looking at the delivery hides the simple fact that we stress again and again, it is the sales people that connected with the businesses that needed to get their products out to future customers and until the businesses started to sponsor the printing of GROUPON cupons nothing would happen.

Social Media and Internet Marketing

Social Media is about people and supporting interactions and transactions if the proper products or value elements are present.

Internet Marketing Software and SpeedSynch Content Resonance

Join us to see how we use Social Media content Resonance to align people to products and help people navigate to the products and companies that answer their questions or deliver the products that they need.


Nick @SpeedSynch


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