Twitter Resonance Trumps SEO and Web pages #IN Email

At one time Email advertising was slowly dying and it appeared that SEO could do no wrong as companies moved advertising dollars to the search engine business model that delivered their message to people quickly and cost effectively but as the years passed by a new opportunity called Social Media platforms was presented to advertisers who leaped on board to get better and cooler results for less money.

I received this landing page via Email even though Samsung knows I have a wireless Samsung colour printer and three Samsung Gravity2 mobile telephones.

Email and Landing Pages ignore Customer Resonance

In 2010, barely two years after Social Media software had eroded SEO’s dominance, a few strange things happened–cupons became popular with the meteoric rise of GROUPON and marketers started emailing, yes emailing website landing pages–the same landing pages that SEO gurus promised would deliver unique SEO value, or ‘squeeze’ pages that would squeeze the money out of all people that landed upon them.

Landing Pages and SEO Value Deflation

It is odd that delivery of landing pages in email has become popular though not surprising as email is focused and often people that subscribe to email updates indicate their interests and the processes which resonate in their professional or personal lives.  This information is impossible to easily acquire with SEO without a focused effort at aligning SEO content to what people value.

SEO Value and Resonance

The value of SEO, unsurprisingly, is biased towards the search engine companies that offer the service, much like the casinos in Las Vegas–customers pay and pray.  Email however is focused as recipients declare their value and hopefully, but not always, the email content resonates with their desires.  Regrettably however this is typically not the case as list owners ‘dump’ all their offers to everyone on the list despite the fact that they usually have some indication of need.

Resonance and Content Analysis

The concept of resonance is usually connected with sound though it is a relationship between sound and a RESONATOR that is a container.  As sound enters the container’s space its natural resonance, the frequency at which it vibrates at a sub-atomic level, is influenced by the sound.

When sound vibrates at the same frequency of the container it resonates with it to augment its natural frequency whereas sound of a different frequency modifies or dampens the container’s natural frequency.  The same happens to content as it travels in and between Social Media platforms or the Internet.

Content resonance creates significant value with two quite distinct uses;

  • Navigation — content helps people find things and is expendable afterwards
  • Learning — content helps people learn and becomes less valuable afterwards

Content Analysis and Internet Marketing

Performing content analysis helps you align the resonance of people and content to take people to the right content or deliver the right content to the right people.  Internet marketers benefit by getting the resonance right as it is a relevence issue and people get annoyed or even angry if they are offered content or products that is not relevent to their current situation.  Resonance analysis helps align SEO and email marketing messages to the right spaces.

Internet Marketing and SEO Landing Pages

Internet marketers have a daunting task as they must deliver the products that they have to the right people and use media where they have little or no control such as SEO or email.  Combining SEO landing pages with email is a good idea IF the message included in the email RESONATES with the person whos receives it and the embedded LANDING PAGE provides options that align with the processes and behaviours important to that person.

Twitter Resonance Trumps both SEO and Email

It almost appears that marketers have created SEO landing pages and sent them via email in order to get the most money for their investment but the combination may not work as an SEO landing page or as email content because of the lack of thought to customer need or content RESONANCE.

Is this speculation?  Maybe, but watch the advertising spend on Twitter compared to SEO and Email.

Contact us to see how SpeedSynch Resoance maps align people to your products before you pay and pray for SEO or email programs.


Nick @SpeedSynch


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