Twitter Plans for Resonance Monetization #IN Internet Advertising

Twitter’s plans for resonance monetization focus on their ability to leverage resonance algorithms to understand the relationships of people, blog posts or Tweets and how they intereact with media.

Advertisers and Real-Time Analytics

Twitter has a unique ability to provide their advertisers with real-time analytics of how people interact with advertising messages across media spaces and offer real-time marketing trends related to blogs, web or Social Media sites.

SpeedSynch Resonance Maps

Below is an example of a SpeedSynch Resonance map which we use to align people, processes. products or content for wayfinding or fast learning.  By levaraging Business Intelligence and Semantic technologies SpeedSynch is able to provide clear and fast insight to Twitter streams and how people interact across media channels or with advertising messages.

Resonance Analytics

Resonance Montetization depends on measures and analytics to offer perspectives helpful to advertisers or their customers so that they can adjust budgets, messages and determine when and where to engage their customers with promoted Tweets.

Contact us to explore the value of Twitter Resonance, Tweet analytics and the impact on your media budgets or ability to engage your future customers. 


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch


See the image below on Flickr here–



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