Marketing Link Bait Counter Measures Exemplar #IN Posterous

Marketers who spin negative stories to distress competitors may not be so smart and are open to Link-Bait Counter Measures which actually works in favour of their ‘target’ as evidenced by the attempt on Posterous today.

Rich Pearson

ugh. @ posted uninformed Posterous link bait – – and my inbox is full of q’s from worried users


Posterous Link Bait Resonance Map


Fast Link Bait ‘re-Quote’

One of the fastest way to respond to obvious and damaging link bait is to ‘re-quote’ and then submit your perspective of both the link bait and how the story  may have a negative impact on people despite the original motivation.  The re-quote below is one possibility, and as a second option consider the use of SpeedSynch Counter-Measures using our Marketing SLA and Resonance Maps.  


“Blogging platform Posterous is reinventing itself as a mobile sharing app for groups, TechCrunch says…since 2008 to catch up to …Tumblr, even calling their users to defect…Now Posterous…a mobile app which makes it dead simple to share media like pictures…mobile sharing experience…competititon…Instagram… Posterous has always been a nice product and…success.” 


SpeedSynch Counter-Measures



  1. Identify Link Bait Resonance
  2. Share Resonance Map with Bloggers
  3. Create unique ‘counter-measure’ blog posts that ‘resonate’ for each Link Bait keyword with the ‘real story’.
  4. Posterous the ‘counter-measures’
  5. Determine if ‘counter-measures’ are effective and repeat if necessary.
  6. Note that SpeedSynch Counter-Measures are not meant to ‘suppress’ SERP results and indeed we are bashed by SEO folks who attempt to displace us from the first page during a SpeedSynch search in Google, Yahoo and BING.

    Our experience with Posterous has been brilliant and we synchronize Postersous to WordPress, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Help out Posterous by posting your own experience.


    Nick Trendov @Groups_Groups @SpeedSynch @ResonantView





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