Blog, Rank and Dominate Google

Blog, Rank and Dominate Google

My Blackberry chirped as I posted a SpeedSynch internet marketing analysis of Old Spice, New Marketing that shows how SEO warriors step between buyers and internet giants like Google, Amazon and Ebay.  As I opened Twitter this Viper Chill blog post about how to really build backlinks to dominate Google stopped me in my tracks and if you read it, you may burn your ‘how to build backlinks to dominate google’ ebooks.

Read this carefully, new marketing affects my business and yours too.

Google, BING or Yahoo “speedsynch” and besides my sites and blog posts, you will see a few other sites with variations of speedsynch or speed-sync or speedsync that manages to boost  their SERP or search engine results page rankings. Top rank means profit.

Every business including yours has to compete and understanding why some sites use your keyword themes will help you significantly.  Once you understand the relationship of content to  keywords it is much easier to adjust to changing customer needs and profit by doing less.

Top Internet Marketers

This is how Old Spice and Viper Chill get more value more by working less.

  • Make Old Spice Commercial or a Viper Chill blog post
  • Make how-to-video or how-to-blog post on making Commercial or blog posts
  • Promote the commercial or blog post and the how-to content to create buzz waves

Now use the keyword themes to build backlinks and finish off with old school PR and advertising to boost ranking.

Stallone Dominates Google

Reading the Old Spice, New Marketing will help you create content quickly easily and deliver high quality content to the people that depend on the content or products that your site or blog offers.  While this simple but effective technique is used Viper Chill blog and by other internet marketing professionals, Rambo outdoes them all.

Sylvester Stallone is taking his EXPENDIBLES move to market and about to faceoff against Leonardo DiCaprio’s INCEPTION and Angela Jollie’s SALT.  Not an easy task but see how the master uses Twitter to exploite furious waves of buzz on Twitter and dominate Google

Furious Buzz Waves

For me the Viper Chill viral marketing blog post clearly pointed out two critical items that drive ranking success–high quaility blog content and how to create waves of buzz by helping people just like Stallone does with Twitter.  Finding the blog post was timely and I am happy to say that it is a better check list than we had prepared and I will put it to good use as we go to market with our SpeedSynch internet marketing software.

Best Backlinks

SEO success requires short term and long term traffic objectives and if you have ambitious goals like ours this combination is critical.  There are thousands of internet marketing software tools on the market today so we are challenged even though our SpeedSynch creates unique B2B or business to business value unlike the most other tools with a B2C or consumer focus.

We have selected two long term keywords, some would say very long term, internet marketing and our short term keyword targets, internet marketing software. Would it be better if we kept these targets secret?  Maybe but you will find out anyway as I have learned by watching the sites that keyword stuff to exploit content investments today.

Ranking Secrets

I suggest going back and forth from this blog post and the Viper Chill viral marketing blog post above and you will quickly learn both of our secrests. Viper Chill offers a site layout that exploits how searchers enter keyword themes into search engines and our SpeedSynch internet marketing software helps you understand which keywords are important for different people and how their keywords change according to their perspectives over time.

Different people perspectives help us create a self-adjusting mechanism with keyword themes found on blogs, conversations and stories. We employ the keywords important to the people that visit our sites and use the to focus our short term and long term keyword traffic targets.

The best backlinks are made with keywords that will rank next month rather than today!

Best Blogging Keywords

How do I know which keyword themes or phrases to use as I blog?  I have an advantage as I am a story teller and can do it manually though I’ve specifically designed the SpeedSynch marketing software to identify keywords linked to products, web or social media content and the customers that look for an answer by typing words into a search engine.  This is what I do.

  • Find the keyword themes or phrases associated with your product
  • Map the keywords in web or social media content that promote your product
  • Search for themes important to your customers

These theme phrases are the raw material for building top links and better backlinks and this is what happened from whe I found the Viper Chill post to what I found when I used SpeedSynch to find the keyword themes used there–

New Internet Tools help you Blog, Rank and Dominate Google

  • 0. Blackberry Twitter alert uncovers viral marketing buzz
  • 1. Check viral marketing buzz on Google, BING and Yahoo
  • 2. Go to my Twitter account to assess quality of Tweet
  • 3. Visit viral marketing site referenced in Tweet
  • 4. Go to blog post in Tweet
  • 5. Use SpeedSynch to create blog keyword theme relationship maps
  • 6. Assess SpeedSynch SEO competitive analysis maps of keywords
  • 7. Review SpeedSynch keyword weights for SEO competitive analysis
  • 8. Review SpeedSynch keyword hierarchies for SEO competitive analysis

Competitive SEO Keyword Theme Analysis created by SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Tools

How to Blog, Rank and Dominate Google with Better Backlinks and SpeedSynch keyword internet marketing themes

SpeedSynch shows keyword themes for best backlinks, top blogs and Google search


Nick Trendov


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