SpeedSynch internet marketing software tools

Our SpeedSynch software tools identify the resonance in your content, products, web sites and social media and synchronize it so that it RESONATES with Social Media influencers, their followers and your customers.

Two Critical Resonance Rules Rule Resonance

Today software vendors are frantic about building, re-branding and offering tools to corporations so that they can hear and analyze what is being said about their brands worldwide.   Once this objective has been accomplished the corporations wish to ‘shape’ the conversation and do this by ‘reaching out’ to social media influencers.and identify who inflences those conversations across multiple Social Media software platforms. 

  1. Know your Resonance
  2. Know the Resonance of your Customers

See how Sylvester Stallone used Resonance to out-muscle Leonardo DiCaprio;

Stallone uses Twitter Resonance mapped by SpeedSynch to Out-Muscle Leonardo DiCaprio's INCEPTION with his film EXPENDABLES

Stallone's EXPENADABLES out-muscles DiCaprio's INCEPTION using RESONANCE


Contact us to see how Resonance can help you and explore SpeedSynch Resonace solutions and internet marketing software tools.


Nick Trendov


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