ROI Re-Capture

ROI Re-Capture

ROI Re-Capture, just like ‘Carbon Capture’, is based on a simple concept that content, like carbon, is a by-product of work and the relationships between people, content and processes are created when projects are planned and executed.

ROI Re-Capture and ROI Mining

ROI or return on investment is a calculation that identifies the value created by an investment in a project and typically the value measured excludes content that is created during a project.  Mining the content value of previous projects, internal content or content from suppliers or customers, represents an opportunity  to quickly exploit value that you have already created. 

Rather than start from ‘zero’, the SpeedSynch ROI Re-Capture methodology is used to map people, content and process relationships and then tune content to the new project and delivered quickly to the right people at the right time.

Our ROI Re-Capture methodology exploits our SpeedSynch internet marketing software and Social Media “Resonance Maps’ to get the content to the right people or the right people to the right content according to their process and project needs.

SpeedSynch Resonance Maps and ROI Re-Capture

SpeedSynch Resonance Maps may be crafted from content in databases, email, Twitter or Social Media sites to help the project team, inside or outside, ramp up fast.  IT projects or Advertising and Marketing programs may benefit equally from ROI Re-Capture.

Our Resonance Maps create value in three broad areas– 

  1. Wayfinding or Navigation – SEO is a small part of this value.
  2. Accelerated Learning – align content to process and people relationships.
  3. ROI ‘Re-Capture’ — mine and align existing content to future projects.

Contact us to ask how we can help you Re-Capture ROI, yours or that of your suppliers or customers. 

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