Social Media Maps

SpeedSynch social media maps helpyour customers find their way to content, products and value that serves their needs and your bottom line.


Observe web and social media content, customer interactions and assess product content alignment to targeting Social Media and customers.

  • Web site map
  • Social Media map
  • Build customer masks or persona behaviour masks + > SpeedSynch =  

This analysis only includes website and Social Media maps  –content and keyword themes — created by SpeedSynch.





Tough love for Social Media success.

I was astounded when I found George Leff who has 6,000+ followers and focuses on Social Media with a decent perspective.

On the other hand I know that it is difficult to align your product, content and customers when you run hard…unless you have help.  This SpeedSynch map shows George’s value proposition on top and his Twitter feed on the bottom.

SEO professionals will recognize alignment opportunities.  Google Caffeine will identify many other opportunities.



Social Media success is stressful

Agile Dudes must align 6,000+ follower to their value proposition

Social Media and Learning

Stories on web and social media sites quickly shows what customers value and the value that products deliver.  Use content to align products to customers.  Connecting content to numbers allows customers and products to self-align.

Content also drives fast learning and delivered to small groups of adult learners, content and tools helps them learn fast and drives innovation.  — look for our post “Two Faced Content” or go to

Accelerated learning in small adult groups is faster when the learners teach themselves.


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