Internet Marketing Software Tools

LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter software tools provide great value to Social Media visitors, but only if they learn to use them from their own perspective rather than how LinkedIN, Facebook or Twitter suggest.

Why is this true?

All software tools suppliers, Twitter and others, provide an ‘interface’ according to what they believe will help their ‘customers’ or rather the users of their tools.  I like users very much as Twitter’s customers are the corporations behind the ‘glass’, unseen observers of the people on the other side who reveal all connections and personal information when asked.

Despite wanting to create a very useful piece of code all software suppliers must create a design within the bounds of existing technology and current understanding of user needs.  Then they build according to the ‘average’ user and hope for the best.  Naturally user needs change quickly and the unseen corporations demand more from Twitter and so the software must change.

Users who understand why they use the Twitter software easily adapt to changes as they work to keeping the value they discovered by its use.  Other users who use Twitter because it is ‘hot’ or to be ‘connected’ lack this focus and the frustration of change may cause some stress at best or users to leave Twitter’s digital space.

Other software tools are provided by a second tier of vendors to help users or corporations exploit Twitter in ways beyond its design.  This opportunity or gap has led to spamming and hacking which I’ve experienced with

Users have a very good opportunity to use simple tools such as Excel or email to create additional value beyond what Twitter or other platforms offer and this space is dedicated to discussing all of these possibilities and others as they arise.





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