Twitter Resonance

Twitter on Resonance

We are launching the first phase of our Promoted Tweets platform with a handful of innovative advertising partners that include Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America—with more to come. Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a wider group of users.”

Sony’s participation signals a deep understandinf of how resonance will impact the Media and Entertainment market spaces which we cover @ResonantView which is undergoing a ‘resonance’ re-branding.  Resonance Metrics are provided by SEO reports which add a unique twist to resonance measures. 

SpeedSynch internet marketing tools software calculates resonance by using ‘semantic’ meaning rather than words as Tweets evlove as they become RT or re-tweets or mentions but their core meaning is intact!  We discuss the use of semantic meaning and retweets at my Semantic Blog.

What is Resonance?

Resonance is sound that travels in the context of Tweets.  The farther and longer a Tweet travels, the more value it should be to the people and corporations that benefit from actions inspired by the Tweet.  Currently it is generally assumed that people will ‘Re-Tweet’ or pass a Tweet along though many and soon most will ‘add’ their own tags to also ‘ride the Tweet’ as much as possible.

Advertising Age’s ResonantView

“Twitter is developing a performance model that could be the basis for pricing based on a metric called “resonance” — impact judged on how much a tweet is passed around, marked as a favorite or how often a user clicks through a posted link. Ads that perform well will stay in the system; ads that don’t rise above the resonance score of a typical tweet from a marketer will fall out. Ultimately, Mr. Costolo wants marketers to pay for ads based on the lift in resonance over a standard tweet.”

Riding a Tweet!

Where possible add a small ‘sparkle’ or story tag so that any Tweet with potential to go a long way also carries your story tag with it!

Measuring Tweet Resonance

Twitter’s ‘trending’ tools and other tools that we expect them to introduce are the easiest way to measure.  Our recommendation is to stay with the Twitter tools for now as the model is changing quickly and so will the measures.

Join the resonance conversation @SpeedSynch @ResonantView and here!




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