Critical Stories Align Products to Customers

Stories are critical to aligning Products to Customer behaviours.

BING ‘neuropersona, WordPress and Behaviours’ and keep in mind the concept of a customer wearing a mask made up of behaviours or stories.  Marketers don’t know how people will behave and success is achieved by selling to the MASK not the customer. may help, though it is important to know why a persona MASK aligns products to customer and once you understand how a Persona or Neuropersona MASK is applied then we move to HOW to apply the technique.

In our experience a Persona helps you align customers to products, quickly and simply.

Each Neuropersona MASK is made up of stories.
Each Product is surrounded by stories.

Link to SEO
We talk as we talk, first in places and now across web and social media places.
Look for @TransMediaSEO in Twitter to see S5maps to understand how website and social media stories align Persona and Products.

We have 12 years of experience applying personae and are taking this experience to market with the Neuropersona brand and look forward to applying the technique in a transmedia environment. #transmedia for folks who are SEO professionals or who want to understand the hotest way to tell stories through video, games combined with the physical world.



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